Übersetzung von “far” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbfar /fɑr/ ( farther, farthest or further, furthest )
a long distance away

Is it far from here?
Est-ce que c'est loin d'ici ?

countries that are far away
les pays qui sont au loin

You have to go farther north to see snow.
Vous devez aller plus loin vers le nord pour voir de la neige.
used to ask or talk about the distance sb or sth travels

We walked a little farther.
Nous avons marché un peu plus.

They went as far as the Mexican border.
Ils sont allés jusqu'à la frontière mexicaine.
how far?
à quelle distance ?

How far is the beach from here?
A quelle distance de la plage sommes-nous?
a long time away

at a time far in the future
à une époque lointaine dans le futur

I can remember farther back than you can.
Je peux me rappeler un passé plus lointain que toi.
emphasizes the degree of sth

These are far better than the old ones.
Ceux-ci sont beaucoup mieux que les anciens.

There were far fewer people this time.
Il y avait beaucoup moins de gens cette fois.
by far
de loin

It was by far the worst storm in the last decade.
C'était de loin la pire tempête durant la dernière décennie.
as far as I know/as far as I can remember, tell, etc.
indicates what you think the facts are in a situation, although you are not sure
pour autant que je sache /puisse me rappeler/dire etc.

As far as I can tell, she's not mad at you.
Pour autant que je puisse dire, elle n'est pas furieuse contre toi.
as far as I'm concerned
indicates that you are giving your opinion
en ce qui me concerne

As far as I'm concerned, you can take the money.
En ce qui me concerne, vous pouvez prendre l'argent.
as far as sb/sth is concerned
used to give information about sb or sth
en ce qui concerne qqn/qqch

As far as the school is concerned, it's not going to close.
En ce qui concerne l'école, elle va fermer.
far from
indicates an opposite
loin de

He's not rich - far from it.
Il n'est pas riche, loin de là.
go too far/take sth too far
to behave in a way that is outside the limits of what is acceptable
aller trop loin / dépasser les bornes

Renting a limousine for a six-year-old is going too far.
Louer une limousine pour un enfant de six ans, ça dépasse les bornes.
sb will go far
used to say that sb will be very successful
qqn ira loin
so far
until now
jusqu'à présent

So far, the class is going well.
Jusqu'à présent, le cours fonctionne bien.
only to a particular degree
jusque là

Her talents only extend so far.
Ses talents s'arrêtent là.
until now
jusqu'à présent

So far, the class is going well.
Jusqu'à présent, le cours fonctionne bien.
only to a particular degree
jusque là

Her talents only extend so far.
Ses talents s'arrêtent là.
so far, so good
indicates that sth is happening in the way it should
juqu'ici, ça va

"How's the job going?" "So far, so good."
"Comment va le travail ?" "Jusqu'ici, ça va."


adjectivefar /fɑr/ ( farther, farthest or further, furthest )
at the greatest distance
lointain/-aine , extrême

the man sitting at the far end of the table
l'homme assis tout au bout de la table
far left/right/north/south etc.
as far left, right, etc. as possible
extrême gauche/droite/nord/sud etc.

the person on the far left
la personne à l'extrême gauche
the far right/left
on the extreme right/left of a political party
l'extrême droite feminine /gauche feminine

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adverb /faː/

indicating distance, progress etc

How far is it from here to his house?

at or to a long way away

She went far away/off.

very much

She was a far better swimmer than her friend (was).
faraway adjective


faraway places.

not paying attention; dreamy

She had a faraway look in her eyes.
far-fetched adjective

very unlikely

tiré par les cheveux
a far-fetched story.
as far as

to the place or point mentioned

We walked as far as the lake.

(also so far as) as great a distance as

aussi loin que
He did not walk as far as his friends.

(also so far as) to the extent that

(pour) autant que
As far as I know, she is doing well.
by far

by a large amount

de loin
They have by far the largest family in the village.
far and away

by a very great amount

de très loin
She is far and away the cleverest girl in the class!
far from

not only not, but

loin de
Far from liking him, I hate him.

not at all

loin de
He was far from helpful.
so far

until now

So far we have been quite successful.

up to a certain point

We can only get so far without further help.



more distant (usually of two things)

plus loin; à l’autre bout de
He lives on the far side of the lake.

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