Übersetzung von “fat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivefat /fæt/ ( fatter, fattest )
(of a person) weighing more than normal
gras/grasse , gros/grosse

Am I getting fat?
Est-ce que je grossis ?

a big fat pig
un gros cochon gras
thicker than normal

a fat envelope stuffed with cash
une enveloppe épaisse bourrée d'espèces
(of an amount of money) large

a nice fat paycheck
un bon gros salaire
fat chance
spoken indicates you do not believe sth will happen
ce serait étonnant

"Maybe she'll keep it a secret." "Fat chance!"
"Peut-être est-ce qu'elle gardera le secret." "Ce serait étonnant !"


nounfat /fæt/
uncountable the yellowish soft substance under the skin
graisse feminine

animals storing fat to keep them warm in winter
les animaux stockant la graisse pour qu'elle leur garde chaud en hiver
uncountable a substance in food that the body uses for energy
graisse feminine

too much fat in your diet
trop de graisse dans votre alimentation

foods low in fat
les aliments pauvres en graisse
countable-uncountable plant or animal products, such as oil, used in cooking
matière feminine grasse

butter and other cooking fats
le beurre et autres matières grasses végétales

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noun /fӕt/

an oily substance made by the bodies of animals and by some plants

This meat has got a lot of fat on it.

a kind of such substance, used especially for cooking

matière grasse
There are several good cooking fats on the market.
fatness noun

fatten verb

(often with up) to make or become fat

They are fattening up a turkey to eat at Christmas.
fatty adjective

containing, or like, fat

This meat is very fatty.
fattiness noun

fat-head noun

a stupid person.




large or abundant

Her business made a fat profit
A fat lot of good that is! (= That is no good at all)

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