Übersetzung von “feature” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablefeature /ˈfitʃər/
one of the distinct parts of sth that gives it its character
caractéristique feminine , élément masculine

the software's search feature
la fonction recherche du logiciel

mountains and other geographical features
les montagnes et les autres éléments géographiques
the parts of your face
traits masculine plural

her delicate features
ses traits délicats
an important article in a newspaper, magazine, etc. or an important part of a television show
dossier masculine

a special feature on crime on the local news
un dossier spécial sur le crime aux nouvelles locales


verb transitivefeature /ˈfitʃər/
to have as a special feature
faire figurer

a soundtrack featuring 10 great jazz artists
une bande sonore où figurent 10 artistes de jazz sensationnels

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noun /ˈfiːtʃə/

a mark by which anything is known; a quality

The use of bright colours is one of the features of her painting.

one of the parts of one’s face (eyes, nose etc)

She has very regular features.

a special article in a newspaper

‘The Times’ is doing a feature on holidays.

the main film in a cinema programme etc

grand film; long métrage
The feature begins at 7.30
(also adjective) a feature film.

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