Übersetzung von “feed” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfeed /fid/ ( pt pp fed )
transitive-intransitive to give food, or to eat
(se) nourrir

Did you feed the dog?
Est-ce que tu as donné à manger au chien ?

They feed the penguins live fish.
Ils ont nourri les pingouins de poissons vivants.

The baby was feeding contentedly.
Le bébé se nourissait tout son content.
transitive to supply with sth

He was accused of feeding secret information to the opposition.
Il a été accusé d'avoir fourni des renseignements secrets à l'opposition.

ballots being fed into the scanner
des bulletins fournis au scanner

feed on

verb phrasalfeed on [ ˈfid ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to eat sth as a main source of food
se nourrir

whales that feed on plankton
les baleines qui se nourrissent de plancton


noun uncountablefeed [ fid ]
food for farm animals
aliments masculine plural , nourriture feminine

chicken feed
les aliments pour volailles

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verb /fiːd/ (past tense, past participle fed /fed/)

to give food to

He fed the child with a spoon.

(with on) to eat

se nourrir (de)
Cows feed on grass.
fed up

tired; bored and annoyed

en avoir assez
I’m fed up with all this work!

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