Übersetzung von “feel” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfeel [ fil ] ( pt pp felt )
transitive =sense; to have a physical sensation
sentir , ressentir

He felt something tickling his leg.
Il sentait quelque chose lui chatouiller la jambe.

I could feel that I was going to cry.
Je sentais que j'allais pleurer.

I could feel the anger coming from the crowd.
Je ressentais la colère provenant de la foule.
transitive to put your fingers on sth to get a physical feeling

My mother felt my forehead to see if it was hot.
Ma mère toucha mon front pour voir s'il était brûlant.

Feel how soft this is.
Sens comme ceci est doux.
to be experiencing an emotion or physical state
ressentir , éprouver , se sentir

He felt no sympathy for them.
Il ne ressentait / n'éprouvait aucune sympathie envers eux.

She's feeling dizzy.
Elle se sentait prise de vertiges.

I felt like an idiot.
Je me suis senti stupide.
to cause an emotion or physical sensation
causer un sentiment , produire une sensation

The sun felt hot on my back.
Le soleil me produisait une sensation de chaleur dans le dos.

It feels like years since we saw you.
Nous avons la sensation qu'il y a des années qu'on ne s'est vus.
transitive to believe sth is true or good
croire , estimer

I felt that I couldn't say "no."
J'estimais que je ne pouvais pas dire "non".

Health care reform is something she feels strongly about.
La réforme des services de santé est une chose en laquelle elle croit profondément.
intransitive to look for sth using your hands

He was feeling around in the dark for his keys.
Il recherchait ses clés à tâtons dans l'obscurité.
feel free to do sth
used to politely give permission
n'hésite/-tez pas

Feel free to try out any of the products.
Nhésitez pas à essayer n'importe lequel des produits.
feel like sth/like doing sth
to want sth or want to do sth
avoir envie de

I feel like a swim.
J'ai envie de nager.

I feel like going swimming.
J'ai envie d'aller nager. / J'irais bien nager.

feel for

verb phrasalfeel for [ ˈfil ˌfɔr, fər ]
=sympathize; to have sympathy for

I really feel for all those people who lost their homes.
Je compatis vraiment à la douleur de tous ces gens qui ont perdu leurs maisons.

feel up to

verb phrasalfeel up to [ ˈfil ˈʌp ˌtu, tə ]
to have enough energy or enthusiasm for
informal se sentir d'attaque

I don't feel up to a big party.
Je ne me sens pas d'attaque pour une grande réception.


nounfeel /fil/singular
the feel
the physical sensation sth gives
toucher masculine

the feel of good leather
le toucher d'un cuir de bonne qualité
the atmosphere in a place or situation
atmosphère feminine

The smaller company had a different feel from the giant corporation.
L'entreprise plus petite avait une atmosphère différente de celle de la gigantesque compagnie.
get the feel of/get a feel for
to understand what sth is like, how it works, etc.
se faire une idée générale

Try to visit during the academic year to get a feel for campus life.
Essayez de nous rendre visite durant l'année universitaire pour vous faire une idée générale de la vie sur le campus.
have a feel for
to be naturally good at sth
être doué/-ée pour

He has a feel for speaking to small-town crowds.
Il est doué pour parler aux gens des petites villes.

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verb /fiːl/ (past tense, past participle felt /felt/)

to become aware of (something) by the sense of touch

She felt his hand on her shoulder.

to find out the shape, size, texture etc of something by touching, usually with the hands


to experience or be aware of (an emotion, sensation etc)


to think (oneself) to be

(se) sentir, penser de
She feels sick
How does she feel about her work?

to believe or consider

avoir l’impressiom (que)
She feels that the company treated her badly.
feeler noun

(in certain animals, insects etc) an organ for touching, especially one of the two thread-like parts on an insect’s head.

A butterfly has a pair of feelers on its head.
feeling noun

power and ability to feel

I have no feeling in my little finger.

something that one feels physically

a feeling of great pain.

(usually in plural) something that one feels in one’s mind

His angry words hurt my feelings
a feeling of happiness.

an impression or belief

I have a feeling that the work is too hard.


He has no feeling for her now.


He spoke with great feeling.
feel as if / as though

to have the sensation (physical or mental) or feeling that

avoir l’impression de
I feel as if I am going to be sick
She feels as though she has known him for years.
feel like

to have the feelings that one would have if one were

(se) sentir
I feel like a princess in this beautiful dress
He felt like an idiot (= He felt very foolish).

to feel that one would like to (have, do etc)

avoir envie (de)
I feel like a drink
Do you feel like going to the cinema?
feel one’s way

to find one’s way by feeling

avancer à tâtons
I had to feel my way to the door in the dark.
get the feel of

to become accustomed to

se faire à
It takes a while to get the feel of a new job.

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