Übersetzung von “field” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablefield /fild/
an area used for growing crops
champ masculine

a field of corn
un champ de maïs
an area with wild grasses and other plants
champ masculine

a housing development where the fields used to be
un ensemble immobilier privé à l'endroit où il y avait les champs
a sports playing area
terrain masculine

a football field
un terrain de football
an area containing a natural resource
champ masculine , gisement masculine

an oil/coal field
un champ/gisement de pétrole / un gisement de charbon
an area of study or business
champ masculine

discoveries in the field of physics
des découvertes dans le champ de la physique
a space in a computer program where you can enter information
champ masculine

Enter your card number in the payment field.
Entrez votre numéro de carte dans le champ paiement.
an area in which a physical force can have an effect
champ masculine

a magnetic field
un champ magnétique

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noun /fiːld/

a piece of land enclosed for growing crops, keeping animals etc

Our house is surrounded by fields.

a wide area

playing fields (= an area for games, sports etc).

a piece of land etc where minerals or other natural resources are found

an oil-field

an area of knowledge, interest, study etc

in the fields of literature/economic development
her main fields of interest.

an area affected, covered or included by something

a magnetic field
in his field of vision.

an area of battle

the field of Waterloo
(also adjective) a field-gun.
field-glasses noun plural


fieldwork noun

work done outside the laboratory, office etc (eg collecting information).

enquête sur le terrain

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