Übersetzung von “fight” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfight /faɪt/ ( pt pp fought )
transitive-intransitive to use force against sb
se battre , se bagarrer

The two young boys began to fight.
les deux jeunes garçons ont commencé à se battre

to fight with sb
se battre avec qqn
transitive-intransitive to be involved in a war
se battre , combattre

troops fighting against the rebels
les troupes se battant contre les rebelles

to fight a war/battle
combattre dans / livrer une guerre/bataille
intransitive to argue
se disputer

They're always fighting over money.
Ils se disputent toujours à propos de l'argent.
transitive-intransitive to struggle to achieve or win
combattre , lutter

to fight for your rights
combattre pour ses droits

to fight inequality/sexism/injustice
combattre l'inégalité / le sexisme / l'injustice

She fought to be allowed to continue her studies.
Elle a lutté pour qu'on l'autorise à poursuivre ses études.
fight a losing battle
to struggle when it is unlikely you can win
mener un combat perdu d'avance

fight back

verb phrasalfight back [ ˈfaɪt ˈbæk ]
=retaliate; to attack sb who is attacking you

If attacked, try not to fight back.
En cas d'attaque, esayez de ne pas riposter.
to defend yourself against criticism

She will fight back against her rivals' comments.
Elle répondra aux commentaires de ses concurrents.
=hold back; to try not to show an emotion

He fought back his anger.
Il réfréna sa colère.

fight off

verb phrasalfight off [ ˈfaɪt ˈɔf ]
=fend off; to resist an attack

He fought off his attackers.
Il a repoussé ses agresseurs.
to manage to resist an illness
résister à

Children fight off viruses quickly.
Les enfants résistent rapidement aux virus.


noun countablefight /faɪt/
a conflict in which people hit each other
bagarre feminine

to have a fight with sb
se bagarrer avec qqn

fights between rival fans
des bagarres entre supporters concurrents
=struggle; an effort to achieve or stop sth
lutte feminine

the fight to save our rain forests
la lutte pour sauver nos forêts tropicales

the fight against crime
la lutte contre le crime
an argument
dispute feminine

We had a fight over money.
Nous avons eu une dispute à propos de l'argent.

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verb /fait/ (past tense, past participle fought /foːt/)

to act against (someone or something) with physical violence

(se) battre
The two boys are fighting over (= because of) some money they found.

to resist strongly; to take strong action to prevent

to fight a fire
We must fight against any attempt to deprive us of our freedom.

to quarrel

(se) disputer
His parents were always fighting.
fighter noun

a person who fights.


a small fast aircraft designed to shoot down other aircraft.

fight back

to defend oneself against an attack, or attack in return.

riposter, se défendre
He was injured when fighting back against the muggers.
fight it out

to fight on to a decisive end

lutter jusqu’au bout
Although they were both exhausted, the two armies fought it out until dawn
Fight it out among yourselves which of you is to go.
fight off

to drive away by fighting

She managed to fight off her attacker
I’ll fight this cold off by going to bed early.
fight one’s way

to make one’s way with difficulty

(se) frayer un passage
She fought her way through the crowd.
fight shy of

to avoid

éviter à tout prix
He fought shy of introducing her to his wife.
put up a good fight

to fight well and bravely.

bien se défendre
The team put up a good a fight against the opposition.



a struggle; action involving effort

the fight for freedom of speech
the fight against disease.

the will or strength to resist

There was no fight left in him.

a boxing-match.


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