Übersetzung von “file” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablefile /faɪl/
a collection of information, documents, etc.
dossier masculine

confidential files
dossiers confidentiels

We keep a file on every child in the school.
Nous tenons un dossier sur chaque enfant dans l'école.
a container for a collection of information, documents, etc.
classeur masculine

She took two files out of the drawer.
Elle a pris deux classeurs dans le tiroir.
a named place on a computer for storing information
fichier masculine

to create/delete a file
créer/supprimer un fichier
a tool for making sth smooth
lime feminine

a nail file
une lime à ongles


verbfile /faɪl/
transitive to put a document into the correct place in a file

File the documents in alphabetical order.
Classez les documents dans l'ordre alphabétique.
transitive to officially state your intention to go to court

to file a lawsuit
intenter un procès
transitive ( file down,) to rub with a file to make smooth

She filed her nails.
Elle s'est limé les ongles.
intransitive to walk somewhere in a line
se déplacer à la file

The players filed into the arena.
Les joueurs sont entrés à la file dans l'arène.

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noun /fail/

a line of soldiers etc walking one behind the other.

in single file

(moving along) singly, one behind the other

à la file
The hunters followed each other in single file.


noun /fail/

a folder, loose-leaf book etc to hold papers.


a collection of papers on a particular subject (kept in such a folder).


in computing, a collection of data stored eg on a disc.

Be sure to make backups of your files at regular intervals.
filename noun

the name that someone gives to a computer file.

nom du fichier
filing cabinet noun

a piece of furniture with drawers etc for holding papers.




to bring (a suit) before a law court

intenter (une action)
She has filed (a suit) for divorce.


noun /fail/

a steel tool with a rough surface for smoothing or rubbing away wood, metal etc.

filings noun plural

pieces of wood, metal etc rubbed off with a file

sciure, limaille
iron filings.

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