Übersetzung von “fill” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfill [ fɪl ]
transitive-intransitive to become or make full
(se) remplir

to fill a glass/bucket/cup
remplir un verre/seau / une tasse

Fill the pie dish with the mixture.
Remplissez la tourtière avec le mélange.

It takes hours for the pool to fill.
Ça prend des heures pour que la piscine se remplisse.
transitive (of a smell, a sound, etc.) to be in every part of an area

Music/smoke filled the air.
La musique/fumée emplissait l'air.
transitive to give or be given a job
give: pourvoir , be given: prendre

We're hoping to fill the position immediately.
Nous espérons prendre le poste immédiatement.

They're looking for someone to fill the position.
Ils cherchent quelqu'un pour pourvoir le poste.
transitive to block or seal

Fill the holes with plaster.
Bouchez les trous avec du plâtre.
transitive to make feel an emotion very strongly

I was filled with terror.
J'étais remplie de terreur.
fill a demand/need/gap
to provide what is needed
répondre à une demande / un besoin / combler un vide

a training program helping to fill the need for teachers
un programme de formation aidant à répondre aux besoins en enseignants

fill in

verb phrasalfill in [ ˈfɪl ˈɪn ]
to put information in spaces provided
remplir , compléter

Please fill in your personal information as shown.
Veuillez renseigner vos informations personnelles comme indiqué.
to give sb information
mettre au courant

I'll fill you in on everything she said later.
Je te mettrai au courant de tout ce qu'elle a dit ultérieurement.
=stand in; to do sb's job while they are not there

I'm filling in for the manager today.
Je remplace le directeur aujourd'hui.
to block or seal

Fill in the holes with plaster.
Bouchez les trous avec du plâtre.
Brit to fill out a form

Please fill in this form.
Veuillez compléter ce formulaire.

fill out

verb phrasalfill out [ ˈfɪl ˈaʊt ]
to put information in a form

to fill out an application form
compléter un formulaire de candidature
to add body weight so that you are not too thin

He's filled out in the last two years.
Il a forci lors des deux dernières années.

fill up

verb phrasalfill up [ ˈfɪl ˈʌp ]
to become or make full
(se) remplir

She filled up my glass.
Elle a rempli mon verre.

The bowl filled up with rainwater.
La cuvette s'est remplie d'eau de pluie.

The auditorium was filling up with people.
L'auditorium se remplissait de gens.

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verb /fil/

to put (something) into (until there is no room for more); to make full

She filled the cupboard with books
The news filled him with joy.

to become full

(se) remplir
His eyes filled with tears.

to satisfy (a condition, requirement etc)

répondre à
Does he fill all our requirements?

to put something in a hole (in a tooth etc) to stop it up

The dentist filled two of my teeth yesterday.
filled adjective

having been filled.

a filled tart.
filler noun

a tool or instrument used for filling something, especially for conveying liquid into a bottle.


material used to fill cracks in a wall etc.

filling noun

anything used to fill

plombage, garniture
The filling has come out of my tooth
He put an orange filling in the cake.
filling-station noun

a place where petrol is sold.

fill in

to add or put in (whatever is needed to make something complete)

remplir, compléter
Now that we know in general what happened, we need to fill in the details.

to complete (forms, application etc) by putting in the information required

Have you filled in your tax form yet?

to give (someone) all the necessary information

mettre au courant
I’ve been away – can you fill me in on what has been happening?

to occupy (time)

She had several cups of coffee at the cafeteria to fill in the time until the train left.

to do another person’s job temporarily

I’m filling in for her secretary.
fill up

to make or become completely full

faire le plein
I need to fill the car up with petrol.

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