Übersetzung von “film” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivefilm /fɪlm/
to record moving pictures with a camera
filmer , tourner

We're filming the last few scenes in the studio.
Nous tournons les quelques dernières scènes dans le studio.


nounfilm /fɪlm/
countable a movie
film masculine

a film about the American civil war
un film à propos de la guerre de Sécession américaine
uncountable the movie industry
cinéma masculine

I work in film.
Je travaille dans le cinéma.
countable a thin layer or coating of sth formed on a surface
pellicule feminine

a film of ice
une pellicule de verglas
a plastic material used for taking photographs
pellicule feminine

a roll of film
un rouleau de pellicule

scenes caught on film
des scènes enregistrées sur pellicule

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noun /film/

(a thin strip of) celluloid made sensitive to light on which photographs are taken


a story, play etc shown as a motion picture in a cinema, on television etc

He’s in the middle of making a new film
(also adjective) a film version of the novel.

a thin skin or covering

A film of dust covereed the shelf.
filmy adjective

very light and thin

a dress of filmy material.
filmstar noun

a famous actor or actress in films.

étoile de cinéma



(usually with over) to cover with a film

se couvrir
Her eyes gradually filmed (over) with tears.

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