Übersetzung von “filter” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfilter /ˈfɪltər/
transitive to clean by passing through a filter

We filter our drinking water.
Nous filtrons notre eau de table.
intransitive to gradually enter

daylight filtered into the room
la lumière du jour filtrait dans la pièce
intransitive to gradually become known

News of the bombings began to filter through to the capital.
La nouvelle des bombardements commençaient à filtrer en direction de la capitale.


noun countablefilter /ˈfɪltər/
a device which removes unwanted things from liquid or gas
filtre masculine

a water filter
un filtre à eau

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noun /ˈfiltə/

a strainer or other device through which liquid, gas, smoke etc can pass, but not solid material

A filter is used to make sure that the oil is clean and does not contain any dirt
(also adjective) filter paper.

a kind of screening plate used to change or correct certain colours

If you are taking photographs in sun and snow, you should use a blue filter.
filter-tip noun

(a cigarette with) a filter.

bout) filtre



to come bit by bit or gradually

The news filtered out.

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