Die Übersetzung von "final" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈfainl/

the very last

the final chapter of the book.

(of a decision etc) definite; decided and not to be changed

sans appel
The judge’s decision is final.
finally adverb

as the last (of many)

The soldiers rode past, then came the Royal visitors, and finally the Queen.

at last, after a long time

The train finally arrived.
finalist noun

a person who reaches the final stage in a competition

It is difficult to decide which of the two finalists is the better tennis player.
finality /-ˈnӕ-/ noun

finalize verb ( finalise)

to make a final decision about plans, arrangements etc

We must finalize the arrangements by Friday.
finalization noun ( finalisation)

dernière mise au point
finals noun plural

the last examinations for a university degree etc

examen(s) (de fins d’études)
I am sitting/taking my finals in June.

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