Übersetzung von “find” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivefind /faɪnd/ ( pt pp found )
to discover sth you are looking for

Did you find your keys?
As-tu retrouvé tes clés ?

I'm hoping to find someone to clean my house.
J'espère trouver quelqu'un pour faire le ménage chez moi.
to notice or see unexpectedly
trouver , découvrir

We found a beautiful old church while we were walking around.
Nous avons découvert une magnifique église ancienne tandis que nous nous promenions dans les alentours.

I found her sitting on the front porch.
Nous l'avons trouvée asise sur la véranda devant la maison.
to judge in a particular way

I find her rude and ignorant.
Je l'ai trouvée impolie et ignorante.

How did you find the food at the hotel?
Comment as-tu trouvé la nourriture à l'hôtel ?
find guilty/not guilty
to judge guilty or not guilty in a law court
déclarer coupable / non coupable

She was found guilty of murder.
Elle a été déclarée coupable de meurtre.
to be able to do sth in a particular way

He finds talking about it difficult.
Il trouve difficile d'en parler.

I find swimming really easy.
Je trouve la natation vraiment facile.

find out

verb phrasalfind out [ ˈfaɪnd ˈaʊt ]
to discover
trouver , découvrir

She found out that they were having an affair.
Elle a découvert qu'ils avaient une aventure.

I enjoyed finding out about the local wildlife.
J'ai apprécié de découvrir la faune et la flore locales.

Find out how to get there by car.
Trouve comment y aller en voiture.

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verb /faind/ (past tense, past participle found /faund/)

to come upon or meet with accidentally or after searching

Look what I’ve found!

to discover

I found that I couldn’t do the work.

to consider; to think (something) to be

I found the British weather very cold.
find one’s feet

to become able to cope with a new situation

She found the new job difficult at first, but she soon found her feet.
find out

to discover

I found out what was troubling her.

to discover the truth (about someone), usually that he has done wrong

He had been stealing from the company for years, but eventually they found him out.

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