Übersetzung von “flat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveflat /flæt/ ( flatter, flattest )
level and with no raised parts

a flat surface
une surface plate

Florida is one of the flattest states in the US.
La Floride est l'un des états les plus plats aux USA.
without emotion
plat/plate , monocorde

He spoke in a flat voice.
Il parlait d'une voix monocorde.
fixed and not variable

a flat rate of interest
un taux d'intérêt stable
(of a tire) with no air
dégonflé/-ée , à plat (inv)

I got a flat tire on Route 1.
J'ai eu un pneu à plat sur la Route 1.
(of a battery) having run out of power
déchargé/-ée , à plat

The battery was flat.
La batterie était à plat.
(of a drink) with no bubbles

The soda was flat.
Le soda était éventé.
(of a musical note) slightly lower than the correct pitch
trop grave

The first note was slightly flat.
La première note était un peu trop grave.


adverbflat [ flæt ]
straight along a surface
à plat

Lay it out flat on the floor.
Pose-le à plat sur le sol.
fall flat on your face
to fall forward onto your front
tomber à plat ventre

She tripped and fell flat on her face.
Elle a trébuché et est tombée à plat ventre.
in 5 minutes/10 minutes etc. flat
informal completely done at a fast rate
pile 5 minutes / 10 minutes etc.

Create your own website in ten minutes flat!
Créer votre site Internet en pile dix minutes !
fall flat
to fail to have the intended effect
tomber à plat

an advertising campaign that fell flat
une campagne publicitaire qui est tombée à plat
lower than the correct musical pitch
trop dans le grave

She always sings flat.
Elle chante toujours trop dans le grave.


noun countableflat /flæt/ Brit
appartement masculine

a two-bedroom flat
un appartement avec deux chambres

a new block of flats
un nouvel immeuble d'habitation
; see also apartment

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adjective /flӕt/

level; without rise or fall

a flat surface.

dull; without interest

For some reason the performance was rather flat.

(of something said, decided etc) definite; emphatic

a flat denial.

(of a tyre) not inflated, having lost most of its air

à plat
His car had a flat tyre.

(of drinks) no longer fizzy

flat lemonade
(also adverb) My beer has gone flat.

slightly lower than a musical note should be

en dessous du ton
That last note was flat
(also adverb) He was singing a bit flat.
flatly adverb

definitely; emphatically

She flatly denied stealing the brooch.
flatten verb

(often with out) to make or become flat

The countryside flattened out as they came near the sea.
flat rate

a fixed amount, especially one that is the same in all cases

prix/taux fixe
He charged a flat rate for the work.
flat out

as fast, energetically etc as possible

à toute allure
She worked flat out.



(in musical notation) a sign (♭) which makes a note a semitone lower.


a level, even part

the flat of her hand.

(usually in plural ) an area of flat land, especially beside the sea, a river etc

marécages, bas-fonds
mud flats.

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