Übersetzung von “flip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbflip /flɪp/ ( flipping, flipped )
transitive-intransitive to turn or make turn over completely
(se) retourner

The car flipped over in the accident.
La voiture s'est retournée dans l'accident.

Flip it to the other side.
Retourne-le sur l'autre côté.
transitive =flick; to change the position of

to flip a switch
basculer un interrupteur

flip through

verb phrasalflip through /ˈflɪp θru/
to quickly turn the pages of a book, magazine, etc.

I flipped through the magazine while I waited.
J'ai feuilleté le magazine pendant que j'attendais.

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verb /flip/ (past tense, past participle flipped)

to throw (something) in the air (so that it turns)

lancer (en l’air)
They flipped a coin to see which side it landed on.

(sometimes with over) to turn over quickly

She flipped over the pages of the book.

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