Übersetzung von “float” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfloat /floʊt/
transitive-intransitive to remain or make sth remain on the surface of water
(faire) flotter

sailboats floating on the pond
des voiliers flottant sur l'étang

children floating sticks in the stream
des enfants faisant flotter des bâtons dans le ruisseau
intransitive to move through the air slowly

leaves floating down from the trees
des feuilles descendant des arbres
transitive to sell a company's shares to the public for the first time
introduire en Bourse

We have decided to float the company.
Nous avons décidé d'introduire la société en Bourse.

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verb /fləut/

to (make something) stay on the surface of a liquid

A piece of wood was floating in the stream.
floating population

a section of the population not permanently resident in a place.

population instable
floating restaurant

a restaurant on a boat or other floating structure.

restaurant flottant



a vehicle for transporting certain things

fourgon, voiture de livraison
a milk-float
a cattle-float.

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