Übersetzung von “flow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitiveflow /floʊ/
to move smoothly and continuously
couler , s'écouler

where the river flows into the ocean
là où le fleuve se jette dans l'océan

a road system designed to keep the traffic flowing
un réseau routier conçu pour fluidifier la circulation
(of ideas, thoughts, words, etc.) to keep coming easily
couler à flots

Everyone relaxed and the conversation began to flow.
Tout le monde s'est détendu et la conversation s'est mise à couler à flots.


noun countable-uncountableflow /floʊ/
the steady and continuous movement of sth
écoulement masculine , circulation feminine

the flow of blood through your body
la circulation du sang dans le corps
the steady and efficient supply of sth
flot masculine , courant masculine , flux masculine

the flow of information
le flux d'informations

the flow of funds
l'afflux de fonds
go with the flow
informal to be relaxed about a situation and do what seems natural
aller dans le sens du courant

Try not to worry - just go with the flow.
Tâche de ne pas t'inquiéter, contente-toi d'aller dans le sens du courant.

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verb /fləu/

to move along in the way that water does

The river flowed into the sea.

(of the tide) to rise

The boat left the harbour when the tide began to flow.
flow chart noun

a chart describing the stages of a process.

a flow chart illustrating the different stages of the manufacturing process.

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