Übersetzung von “flush” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbflush /flʌʃ/
transitive-intransitive to clean or be cleaned by making water flow through
laver à grande eau

to flush the toilet
tirer la chasse d'eau

I heard the toilet flush.
J'ai entendu la chasse d'eau.
intransitive to become red in the face from emotion

She flushed at the memory.
Elle a rougi à l'évocation de ce souvenir.

flush out

verb phrasalflush out [ ˈflʌʃ ˈaʊt ]
to force out of a hiding place
débusquer , déloger

plans to flush the rebels out of their hiding places
des plans pour déloger les rebelles de leurs cachettes

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noun /flaʃ/

a flow of blood to the face, making it red

A slow flush covered her face.

(the device that works) a rush of water which cleans a toilet

chasse (d’eau)
a flush toilet.
flushed adjective

red in the face

You look very flushed.
(in) the first flush of

(in) the early stages of (something) when a person is feeling fresh, strong, enthusiastic etc

dans l’euphorie de
in the first flush of youth.



to clean by a rush of water

tirer la chasse (d’eau)
He flushed the toilet.

(usually with out) to cause (an animal etc) to leave a hiding place

The police flushed out the criminal.

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