Übersetzung von “fly” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfly /flaɪ/ ( flies, pt flew pp flown )
intransitive to move through the air using wings

birds flying through the trees
des oiseaux volant dans les arbres
intransitive to travel by airplane
voyager par/en avion

"How did you get there?" "I flew."
"Comment y êtes-vous allé ?" "Par avion."

to fly to Rome/Tokyo/Sydney
aller en avion à Rome/Tokyo/Sydney
transitive to transport by airplane
emmener en avion

They flew us to Hawaii for free.
Ils nous ont emmenés gratuitement en avion à Hawaii.
transitive-intransitive to control an aircraft

He flies helicopters.
Il pilote des hélicoptères.

I'd love to learn to fly.
J'adorerais apprendre à piloter.
intransitive to move quickly through the air

Debris was flying everywhere.
Des débris volaient de toutes parts.

The ball came flying through the window.
Le ballon a volé à travers la vitre.
intransitive to move somewhere quickly
se ruer

She flew out of the room in a rage.
Furieuse, elle s'est ruée hors de la pièce.
intransitive (of time) to pass quickly
passer vite

The week has just flown.
La semaine a passé vite.
transitive-intransitive to raise or be raised to the top of a flagpole
arborer , flotter

a ship flying the Brazilian flag
un navire arborant pavillon brésilien

flags flying on Independence Day
des drapeaux flottant le jour anniversaire de l'Indépendance américaine
go flying
to fall dramatically
faire un vol plané

I tripped and went flying.
J'ai trébuché et j'ai fait un vol plané.

fly into

verb phrasalfly into [ ˈflaɪ ˌɪntu, ˌɪntə ]
to suddenly show a strong emotion
être pris/prise de

He flew into a panic/rage.
Il s'est emporté / a été pris de panique.


noun countablefly /flaɪ/ ( plural flies )
a small flying insect
mouche masculine

flies buzzing around the kitchen
des mouches bourdonnant dans toute la cuisine
the front opening of a pair of pants
braguette feminine

Zip your fly.
Ferme ta braguette.

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noun /flai/ (plural flies)

a type of small winged insect.

She swatted a fly away with her hand.

a fish hook made to look like a fly so that a fish will take it in its mouth

mouche (artificielle)
Which fly should I use to catch a trout?

(often in plural ) a piece of material with buttons or a zip, especially at the front of trousers.

Your flies are undone.
a fly in the ointment

something that spoils one’s enjoyment.

ombre au tableau


verb /flai/ (past tense flew /fluː/, past participle flown /floun/)

to (make something) go through the air on wings etc or in an aeroplane

voler, piloter (un avion)
The pilot flew (the plane) across the sea.

to run away (from)

s’enfuir (de)
He flew (the country).

(of time) to pass quickly

filer, passer vite
The days flew past.
flyer noun ( flier)

a person who flies an aeroplane etc or is in one.


a sheet of paper advertising a product, event etc

They were handing out flyers to passers-by.
flying saucer

a strange flying object thought possibly to come from another planet.

soucoupe volante
flying visit

a very short, often unexpected, visit

(faire un) saut (chez)
She paid her mother a flying visit.
frequent flyer/flier noun

a passenger who flies frequently in the same airline and receives bonuses accordingly.

grand voyageur
flyleaf noun

a blank page at the beginning or end of a book.

page de garde
flyover noun

a road etc which is built up so as to cross above another

a flyover across the motorway.
fly in the face of

to oppose or defy; to treat with contempt

lancer un défi à
He flew in the face of danger.
fly into

suddenly to get into (a rage, a temper etc).

se mettre en
Janet flew into a rage when she saw the mess.
fly off the handle

to lose one’s temper.

sortir de ses gonds
Keith has a tendency to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation.
get off to a flying start

to have a very successful beginning

prendre un départ en flèche
Our new shop has got off to a flying start.
let fly (often with at)

to throw, shoot or send out violently

He let fly (an arrow) at the target.
send (someone/something) flying

to hit or knock someone or something so that he or it falls down or falls backwards

envoyer rouler (qqn)
She hit him and sent him flying.

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