Übersetzung von “focus” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounfocus /ˈfoʊkəs/
countable the person or thing receiving most attention
centre masculine d'intérêt

Changes to management will be the focus of our meeting.
Les changements dans la direction seront l'objet de notre réunion.
uncountable attention or emphasis that is given to sth
accent masculine

The focus will be on controlling the spread of the disease.
L'accent sera mis sur le contrôle de la propagation de la maladie.
in/out of focus
(of a photograph or film) looking clear/not clear
net/nette / flou/floue

None of the pictures were in focus.
Aucune des photos n'était nette.


verb transitive-intransitivefocus /ˈfoʊkəs/ ( focusing, focused or focussing, focussed )
to concentrate or give attention to
(se) concentrer

Focus your attention on what is important.
Concentrez votre attention sur ce qui est important.

Let's focus on the first paragraph.
Concentrons-nous sur le premier paragraphe.
to look at sth until you can see it clearly

I couldn't focus my eyes.
Je ne pouvais pas fixer mon regard.

Focus on the smallest letters.
Fixez les plus petites lettres.
to move part of a camera so that sth can be seen clearly through it
faire la mise au point

Focus on the faces.
Faites la mise au point sur les visages.

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noun /ˈfoukəs/ (plurals focuses foci /ˈfousai/)

the point at which rays of light meet after passing through a lens.


a point to which light, a look, attention etc is directed

point de mire
She was the focus of everyone’s attention.
focal adjective

in/out of focus

giving or not giving a clear picture

net; flou
These photographs are out of focus.


verb (past tense, past participle focus(s)ed)

to direct (attention etc) to one point

The accident focussed public attention on the danger.

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