Übersetzung von “fold” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfold /foʊld/
transitive ( fold up,) to bend one part of sth over another part of it

She folded her clothes neatly.
Elle a plié soigneusement ses vêtements.
fold in half
plier en deux

Fold the piece of paper in half.
Pliez la feuille de papier en deux.
transitive-intransitive ( fold up,) to bend in order to make smaller
(se) (re)plier

a chair that folds to fit in the trunk of your car
une chaise qui se plie pour entrer dans le coffre de votre voiture

He folded up his camera stand.
Il replia le pied de sa caméra.
intransitive (of a business) to fail and close

The theater folded later that year.
Le théâtre a fermé plus tard dans l'année.


noun countablefold /foʊld/
a line where sth has been folded
pli masculine

cut along the fold
découpez le long du pli
the part inside where sth is folded
pli masculine

the folds of the baby's skin
les plis de la peau du bébé

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verb /fould/

to double over (material, paper etc)

She folded the paper in half.

to lay one on top of another

She folded her hands in her lap.

to bring in (wings) close to the body

folded adjective

folder noun

a cover for keeping loose papers together

He kept the notes for his speech in a folder.
folding adjective

that can be folded

a folding chair.



a mark made especially on paper etc by doing this; a crease

There was a fold in the page.


noun /fould/

a place surrounded by a fence or wall, in which sheep are kept

parc à moutons
a sheep fold.

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