Übersetzung von “follow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbfollow /ˈfɒloʊ/
transitive-intransitive to go behind and in the same direction as

She was sure someone was following her.
Elle était sûre que quelqu'un la suivait.

Jenny rode off on her bike and I followed.
Jenny est partie sur son vélo et j'ai suivi.
transitive to move along sth

Follow the road until you come to a crossroads.
Suivez la route jusqu'à ce que vous arriviez à un carrefour.
transitive-intransitive to happen next or after

What followed was unbelievable.
Ce qui a suivi était incroyable.

Lunch will follow the meeting.
La réunion sera suivie d'un déjeuner.
transitive to obey or do as instructed

Follow the instructions on the box.
Suivez les instructions sur la boîte.

They did not follow the rules.
Ils n'ont pas suivi les règles.
transitive to watch or pay attention to how sth develops

I don't usually follow the news.
D'habitude, je ne suis pas les informations.
transitive to understand
suivre , comprendre

I didn't follow a word she said.
Je ne comprends pas un mot de ce qu'elle dit.
transitive-intransitive to do what sb else has done before
follow sb's example/lead
suivre l'exemple de qqn

Behave decently and hope your children will follow your example.
Conduis-toi convenablement en espérant que tes enfants suivront ton exemple.
follow in sb's footsteps
suivre les traces de qqn

He's following in his famous father's footsteps.
Il suit les traces de son père célèbre.

follow about /around

verb phrasalfollow about /around [ ˈfɒloʊ əˈbaʊt/əˈraʊnd ]
to go everywhere sb else goes
toujours être sur les talons de qqn

Stop following me around!
Arrête de toujours être sur mes talons !

follow through

verb phrasalfollow through [ ˈfɒloʊ ˈθru ]
to finish or complete sth already started
mener à terme

He promised to follow through on all the plans.
Il a promis de mener à terme tous les projets.

follow up

verb phrasalfollow up [ ˈfɒloʊ ˈʌp ]
to do sth in order to continue sth or find out more
donner suite

He followed up their meeting with a telephone call.
Il a donné suite à leur réunion par un appel téléphonique.

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verb /ˈfoləu/

to go or come after

I will follow (you).

to go along (a road, river etc)

Follow this road.

to understand

Do you follow (my argument)?

to act according to

I followed his advice.
follower noun

a person who follows, especially the philosophy, ideas etc of another person

He was a follower of Plato (= Plato’s theories).
following noun


He has a great following among the poorer people.
follow-up noun

further reaction or response

Was there any follow-up to the letter you wrote to the newspaper?
follow up

to go further in doing something

The police are following up a clue.

to find out more about (something)

suivre (de près)
I followed up the news.



about to be mentioned

You will need the following things.

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