Übersetzung von “fool” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablefool /ful/
sb whose actions are not sensible or wise
idiot/idiote masculine-feminine

I was a fool to believe anything she said.
J'ai été un idiot de croire tout ce qu'elle disait.
make a fool of yourself
to behave in a way that makes you seem silly or stupid
se ridiculiser

I'll sing and try not to make a fool of myself.
Je chanterai en essayant de ne pas me ridiculiser.
make a fool (out) of sb
to cause sb to seem stupid
faire passer qqn pour un/une idiot/idiote

He felt the other boys had made a fool out of him.
Il avait le sentiment que les autres garçons l'avaient fait passer pour un idiot.


verb transitivefool /ful/
to trick or deceive

Don't be fooled into thinking you'll earn lots of money here.
Ne te fais pas d'illusions, tu ne gagneras pas beaucoup d'argent ici.

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noun /fuːl/

a person without sense or intelligence

fou, folle
She’s a complete fool for asting dso much money.
He is such a fool he never knows what to do.
foolish adjective

having no sense

étourdi, stupide
He is a foolish young man.


He looked very foolish in that silly hat.
foolishly adverb

foolishness noun

foolhardy adjective

taking foolish risks; rash

He made a foolhardy attempt to climb the mountain in such poor weather.
foolhardiness noun

foolproof adjective

unable to go wrong

à toute épreuve
His new plan seems completely foolproof.
make a fool of

to make (someone) appear ridiculous or stupid

(se) rendre ridicule
He made a real fool of her by promising to marry her and then leaving her when he had spent all her money.
make a fool of oneself

to act in such a way that people consider one ridiculous or stupid

se rendre ridicule
She got drunk and made a fool of herself at the party.
play the fool

to act in a foolish manner, especially with the intention of amusing other people

faire le pitre
He always played the fool when the teacher left the classroom.



(often with aboutor around) to act like a fool or playfully

faire l’imbécile
Stop fooling about!

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