Übersetzung von “foot” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounfoot /fʊt/
countable ( plural feet ) one of the two body parts at the end of your legs
pied masculine

My feet are cold.
J'ai froid aux pieds.

his right/left foot
son pied droit/gauche
countable ( plural feet or foot ) a unit of length of approximately 30cm (12 inches)
pied masculine

12 feet long/wide/high/tall
de 12 pieds de long/large/haut

At six foot, he's fairly tall.
Six pieds, il est plutôt grand.
the foot of
the bottom of
le pied de

at the foot of the stairs/mountain
au pied de l'escalier / la montagne
on foot
walking, not using transportation
à pied

Two soldiers came by on foot.
Deux soldats sont venus à pied.
have/keep your feet on the ground
to continue to be realistic or sensible
avoir/garder les pieds sur terre

Despite her fame she keeps her feet firmly on the ground.
En dépit de sa célébrité, elle garde fermement les pieds sur terre.
have/get cold feet
to decide you are too nervous to do sth you previously said you would do
informal se dégonfler

He was going to audition, but now he's getting cold feet.
Il allait passer l'audition mais maintenant il se dégonfle.
on your feet
standing, not sitting
debout (inv)

I've been on my feet all day.
J'ai été debout toute la journée.
put your feet up
to rest
lever le pied

Sit down, and put your feet up for a while.
Assieds-toi et lève le pied pendant un moment.
put your foot down
to insist sb does or does not do sth
mettre les pieds dans le plat

I finally put my foot down and told her she couldn't stay
J'ai finalement mis les pieds dans le plat et je lui ai dit qu'elle ne pouvait pas rester.
not set foot in/on
emphasizes that sb does not go somewhere
ne pas mettre les pieds dans

He had never set foot in a church.
Il n'a jamais mis les pieds dans une église.

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noun /fut/ (plural feet /fiːt/)

the part of the leg on which a person or animal stands or walks

My feet are very sore from walking so far.

the lower part of anything

We waited for the others at the foot of the hill.

(plural often foot; often abbreviated to ft when written) a measure of length equal to twelve inches (30.48 cm)

He is five feet/foot six inches tall
a four-foot wall.
footing noun


It was difficult to keep his footing on the narrow path.


The business is now on a firm footing.
football noun

a game played by kicking a large ball

The children played football
(also adjective) a football fan.

the ball used in this game.

ballon (de football)
foothill noun

a small hill at the foot of a mountain

the foothills of the Alps.
foothold noun

a place to put one’s feet when climbing

prise pour le pied
The climbers struggled to find footholds on the slippery rock.
footlight noun

(in a theatre) a light which shines on the actors etc from the front of the stage.

footman noun (plural footmen)

a male servant wearing a uniform

valet de pied
The footman opened the door.
footmark noun

a footprint

empreinte (de pied)
He left dirty footmarks.
footnote noun

a note at the bottom of a page

note en bas de page
The footnotes referred to other chapters of the book.
footpath noun

a path or way for walking, not for cars, bicycles etc

sentier (pédestre)
You can go by the footpath.
footprint noun

the mark or impression of a foot

empreinte (de pied)
She followed his footprints through the snow.
footsore adjective

with painful feet from too much walking

qui a mal aux pieds
He arrived, tired and footsore.
footstep noun

the sound of a foot

(bruit de) pas
She heard his footsteps on the stairs.
footwear noun

boots, shoes, slippers etc

He always buys expensive footwear.
follow in someone’s footsteps

to do the same as someone has done before one

marcher sur les traces de
When he joined the police force he was following in his father’s footsteps.
foot the bill

to be the person who pays the bill.

payer la note
on foot


à pied
She arrived at the house on foot.
put one’s foot down

to be firm about something

faire acte d’autorité
I put my foot down and refused to let him smoke in the house.
put one’s foot in it

to say or do something stupid

(se) mettre les pieds dans les plats
I really put my foot in it when I asked about his wife – she had just run away with his friend!

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