Übersetzung von “for” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


prepositionfor /fɔr/
indicates the person or thing intended to get or use sth

It's a present for Jamie.
C'est un cadeau pour Jamie.

ink for the printer
de l'encre pour l'imprimante

money for the state
l'argent pour l'état
indicates the purpose of sth

a pen for writing on the white board
un crayon pour écrire sur le tableau blanc

What's the meeting for?
A quoi la réunion est-elle destinée ?
indicates a length of time or distance

We'll be here for about three hours.
Nous serons ici pendant environ trois heures.

He walked for 2 miles.
Il a marché pendant 3 kilomètres.
indicates a time or date

The table is reserved for 8 p.m.
La table est réservée pour 20 heures.

an appointment scheduled for Friday
un rendez-vous prévu pour vendredi
because of
pour , en raison de

The car was chosen for its safety record.
La voiture a été choisie pour sa sécurité reconnue.
indicates a surprising quality

He's small for a man.
Il est petit pour un homme.

It's a very reliable car for its age.
C'est une voiture très sûre pour son âge.
indicates cost

I bought it for $300.
J'ai l'ai acheté pour 300 $.
indicates support
pour , en faveur de

I'll be voting for the Independent candidate.
Je vais voter pour le candidat indépendant.
representing sb or sth, or on sb's behalf

We felt sorry for her.
Nous nous sommes sentis désolés pour elle.

I can't speak for others, but I think it's wrong.
Je ne peux pas parler pour les autres mais je pense que c'est mal.

I work for the government.
Je travaille pour le gouvernement.
indicates meaning

the symbol for the euro
le symbole pour l'euro

"Depart" is another word for "leave."
"Partir" est un autre mot pour "quitter".
indicates destination or direction
pour , en direction de

the train for Madrid
le train pour / en direction de Madrid

We're heading for the beach.
Nous allons en direction de la plage.
for all
in spite of

For all her years of experience, she doesn't understand very much.
Malgré toutes ses années d'expérience, elle ne comprend pas grand chose.
for now/for the moment
done or happening now or for a short time
pour l'instant / le moment

That's enough cleaning for now.
Ça suffit le ménage pour l'instant.

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preposition /foː/

to be given or sent to

This letter is for you.

towards; in the direction of

We set off for London.

through a certain time or distance

pendant; sur
We were kept waiting for three hours
Lucy walked for three miles.

in order to have, get, be etc

He asked me for some money
Go for a walk.

in return; as payment

He paid $2 for his ticket.

in order to be prepared

He’s getting ready for the journey.


He is the member of parliament for Hull.

on behalf of

Will you do it for me?

in favour of

Are you for or against the plan?

because of

For this reason, I will not be investing in that business venture.

having a particular purpose

She gave me money for the bus fare.

indicating an ability or an attitude to

She has a talent for baking
He has an ear for music.

as being

They mistook him for someone else.

considering what is used in the case of

It is quite warm for January (= considering that it is January when it is usually cold).

in spite of

For all his money, he didn’t seem happy.

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