Übersetzung von “force” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounforce /fɔrs, foʊrs/
uncountable physical power
force , violence feminine

the force of the explosion
la violence de l'explosion

The fire hose sprays water with a lot of force.
La lance à incendie fait jaillir l'eau avec beaucoup de violence.
by force
using violence
par la force

The town was taken over by force.
La ville a été prise par la force.
countable-uncountable sth that affects or influences sth
force feminine

the force of evil
la force du mal

the forces of nature
les forces de la nature
countable a group of workers
force feminine

the police force
les foces de police

the labor force
la main-d'œuvre
in/into force
(of a law, rule, etc.) being or beginning to be used
en vigueur

The new legislation will come into force next month.
La nouvelle législation entrera en vigueur le mois prochain.
join forces
to work together
allier ses forces

The UN and the government have joined forces to provide relief.
L'ONU et le gouvernement ont allié leurs forces pour fournir des secours.


verb transitiveforce /fɔrs, foʊrs/
to make sb do sth they do not want to do
forcer , obliger , contraindre

They forced him to give them his cellphone and wallet.
Ils l'ont forcé/obligé à leur donner son téléphone cellulaire et son portefeuille.

Bad weather forced them to cancel the trip.
Le mauvais temps les a contraints à annuler le voyage.
to use physical strength to make sth move

Rescuers had to force the door open.
Les sauveteurs ont dû forcer la porte / ouvrir la porte de force.

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noun /foːs/

strength or power that can be felt

The force of the wind was so strong that it damaged the roof.

a person or thing that has great power

the forces of nature.

(sometimes with capital) a group of men prepared for action

the police force
the Royal Air Force.
forced adjective

done with great effort

a forced march.
forceful adjective


He presented a forceful argument.
forcefully adverb

forces noun plural

the army, navy and air force considered together

forces (armées)
The Forces played a large part in the parade.
in/into force

in or into operation; working or effective

en vigueur
The new law is now in force.



to achieve by strength or effort


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