Übersetzung von “form” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounform /fɔrm/
countable the particular way sth is expressed, appears, or seems
forme feminine

just another form of discrimination
juste une autre forme de discrimination

protection in the form of helmets and knee pads
protection sous la forme de casques et de protége-genoux

an artistic idea that can be expressed in many different forms
une idée artistique qui peut être exprimée de nombreuses différentes manières
countable an official document onto which you write information
formulaire masculine

legal forms and documents
formulaires et documents juridiques

to fill out a form
remplir un formulaire
countable =outline; the shape of sb or sth
forme feminine , silhouette feminine

The building appeared as a shapeless form in the darkness.
Le bâtiment apparaissait comme une forme/silhouette aux contours incertains dans l'obscurité.
uncountable level of ability or performance
forme feminine
in top form
performing or playing at the highest level at which you are able
au mieux de sa forme

a basketball player in top form
un joueur de basket au mieux de sa forme
countable Brit a class of students in a school
classe feminine

children in the sixth form
les enfants en classe de première


verbform /fɔrm/
transitive-intransitive to develop or exist or make develop or exist
(se) former , prendre forme

Ice had formed on the pond.
De la glace s'est formée sur l'étang.

Everyone stand up and form a circle.
Tout le monde se met debout pour former un cercle.

We decided to form a punk rock band.
Nous avons décidé de monter/former un groupe de punk rock.

The idea had not yet fully formed in my head.
L'idée n'a pas encore entièrement pris forme dans ma tête.
to be or function as sth
former , constituer

These women form the core of the group.
Ces femmes constituent/forment le noyau du groupe.

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noun /foːm/

(a) shape; outward appearance

forme, silhouette
He saw a strange form in the darkness.

a kind, type or variety

What form of wedding ceremony do they prefer?

a document containing certain questions, the answers to which must be written on it

an application form.

a fixed way of doing things

It’s not good form to talk while you are eating.

a school class

He is in the sixth form.
formation noun

the act of forming or making

formation, création
He agreed to the formation of a music society.

(a) particular arrangement or order

The planes flew in formation.
be in good form

to be in good spirits or health

être en forme
She’s in good form after her holiday.
in the form of

having the shape, character, style etc of

sous forme de
He wrote a novel in the form of a diary.



to come into existence; to take shape

prendre forme
An idea slowly formed in his mind.

to organize or arrange (oneself or other people) into a particular order

The women formed (themselves) into three groups.

to be; to make up

faire partie (de)
These lectures form part of the medical course.


noun /foːm/

a long, usually wooden seat

The children were sitting on forms.

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