Die Übersetzung von "form" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /foːm/

(a) shape; outward appearance

forme, silhouette
He saw a strange form in the darkness.

a kind, type or variety

What form of wedding ceremony do they prefer?

a document containing certain questions, the answers to which must be written on it

an application form.

a fixed way of doing things

It’s not good form to talk while you are eating.

a school class

He is in the sixth form.
formation noun

the act of forming or making

formation, création
He agreed to the formation of a music society.

(a) particular arrangement or order

The planes flew in formation.
be in good form

to be in good spirits or health

être en forme
She’s in good form after her holiday.
in the form of

having the shape, character, style etc of

sous forme de
He wrote a novel in the form of a diary.

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