Übersetzung von “fortune” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounfortune /ˈfɔrtʃən/
countable a lot of money
fortune feminine

I paid a fortune for this jacket.
J'ai payé une fortune pour cette veste.
make a fortune
faire fortune

He made a fortune from his IT businesses.
Il a gagné une fortune avec ses entreprises d'informatique.
uncountable good luck and wealth
fortune feminine

fame and fortune
célébrité et fortune
countable the good or bad luck sb has in life
destin masculine

The day she was spotted by a movie producer her fortunes changed.
Le jour où elle a été repérée par un producteur de cinéma, son destin a changé.
tell sb's fortune
to predict what will happen to sb in the future
dire la bonne aventure à qqn

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noun /ˈfoːtʃən/

whatever happens by chance or (good or bad) luck

Who knows what fortune may bring?

a large amount of money

That ring must be worth a fortune!
fortunate /-nət/ adjective

having good fortune; lucky

It was fortunate that no-one was killed in the accident.
fortunately adverb

fortune-teller noun

someone who tells fortunes.

diseur/-eure de bonne aventure
tell (someone’s) fortune

to foretell what will happen to someone in the future

dire la bonne aventure
The gypsy told my fortune.

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