Übersetzung von “forward” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbforward /ˈfɔrwərd/
in a direction in front of you
en avant

Walk forward three steps.
Avancez de trois pas.
near the front of sth
vers l'avant

Let's move farther forward.
Déplaçons-nous plus vers l'avant.
toward the future
vers l'avenir

We should look forward instead of worrying about the past.
Nous devrions regarder vers l'avenir au lieu de nous inquiéter à propos du passé.
toward a better situation or state
en avant

a step forward in the fight against terrorism
un pas en avant dans la lutte contre le terrorisme


adjectiveforward /ˈfɔrwərd/
relating to the future
à long terme

forward planning
planification à long terme
toward a direction in front of you
vers l'avant

forward motion
mouvement vers l'avant
too confident, or too friendly

Was it too forward of me to ask if I could stay?
Est-ce que c'était effronté de ma part de demander si je pouvais rester ?


verb transitiveforward /ˈfɔrwərd/
to send an email or letter you have received to sb else
faire suivre , transférer

I'll forward the email to you.
Je te transfèrerai le courriel.

I'll forward you his reply.
Je te ferai suivre sa réponse.

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adjective /ˈfoːwəd/

moving on; advancing

en avant
The artist’s works represent a forward movement in Eyropean art.

at or near the front

The forward part of a ship is called the ‘bows’.
bring forward

to make to happen at an earlier date; to advance in time

They have brought forward the date of their wedding by one week.

(also put forward) to bring to people’s attention; to cause to be discussed etc

They will consider the suggestions which you have brought/put forward.
to move forward (not foreword).



to a later time

à partir de
From this time forward, the nation will be heading in a new political direction.

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