Übersetzung von “fresh” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivefresh /frɛʃ/
(of food or plants) having recently been picked, made, killed, etc. and not frozen or preserved

fresh fish/vegetables/flowers
poisson/légumes frais / fleurs fraîches

cookies fresh from the oven
des petits gâteaux tout juste sortis du four
new and different
neuf/neuve , nouveau (before a consonant) / nouvel (before a vowel) / nouvelle

Let's take a fresh look at the problem.
Portons un regard neuf sur ce problème.

a fresh start in a new city
un nouveau départ dans une ville nouvelle
(of water) not salty

a fresh water pond
un étang d'eau douce
looking, feeling, tasting, etc. clean and pure
frais/fraîche , propre

a fresh mint flavor
un parfum de menthe fraîche

a fresh white shirt
une chemise blanche propre
fresh air
air from outside rather than inside a building
air masculine frais

We went out for some fresh air.
Nous sommes sortis prendre un peu d'air frais.
fresh from
having just come from somewhere
tout droit venu/-ue

new music fresh from Japan
une musique nouvelle tout droit venue du Japon

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adjective /freʃ/

newly made, gathered, arrived etc

fresh fruit (= fruit that is not tinned, frozen etc)
fresh flowers.

another; different; not already used, begun, worn, heard etc

a fresh piece of paper
fresh news.

(of weather etc) cool; refreshing

a fresh breeze
fresh air.

(of water) without salt

The swimming pool has fresh water in it, not sea water.

(of people etc) healthy; not tired

frais (comme une rose)
You are looking very fresh this morning.
freshen verb

to become fresh or cool

The wind began to freshen.

(often with up) to (cause to) become less tired or untidy looking

faire un brin de toilette
I must freshen up before dinner.
freshly adverb

newly; recently

freshly gathered plums
They had freshly arrived from Manchester.
freshwater adjective

of inland rivers or lakes; not of the sea

d’eau douce
freshwater fish.

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