Übersetzung von “frown” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivefrown /fraʊn/
to move your eyebrows together in an expression of concentration, anger, or worry
froncer les sourcils

The teacher frowned at us.
Le professeur nous a fait les gros yeux.

He was frowning with/in concentration.
Il fronçait les sourcils de concentration.

frown on/upon

verb phrasalfrown on/upon [ ˈfraʊn ˌɒn, ˌɔn/əˌpɒn, əˌpɔn ]
to disapprove of

Wearing miniskirts to school was frowned upon.
On désapprouvait le port des mini-jupes à l'école.


noun countablefrown /fraʊn/singular
the way your face looks when you frown
froncement masculine de sourcils

the worried frown on his face
le froncement de sourcils inquiet sur son visage

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verb /fraun/

to make the forehead wrinkle and the eyebrows move down (as a sign of worry, disapproval, deep thought etc)

froncer les sourcils
He frowned at her bad behaviour.
frown on/upon

to disapprove of (something)

My family frowns (up) on smoking and drinking.

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