Übersetzung von “fruit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounfruit /frut/
countable-uncountable the part of a plant with a seed that can be eaten
fruit masculine singular , fruits masculine plural

Fresh fruit is a good snack.
Les fruits frais sont un bon en-cas.

citrus fruits such as oranges
les agrumes tels que les oranges
a piece of fruit
an apple, banana, pear, etc.
un fruit

Would you like a piece of fruit?
Aimeriez-vous un fruit ?
the fruits of
plural the positive results of
les fruits masculine plural de

the fruits of the country's 30-year-old democratic system
les fruits du système démocratique vieux de 30 ans du pays

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noun /fruːt/

the part of a plant that produces the seed, especially when eaten as food

The fruit of the vine is the grape.

a result; something gained as a result of hard work etc

the fruit of his hard work.
fruitful adjective

producing (good) results

a fruitful meeting.
fruition /fruˈiʃən/ noun

an actual result; the happening of something that was thought of, hoped for etc

Her dreams came to fruition.
fruitless adjective

useless; with no results

a fruitless attempt.
fruitlessly adverb

fruity adjective

of or like fruit

a fruity taste
a fruity drink.
fruit is a collective noun taking a singular verb: Fruit is good for you ; The tree bears fruit (not fruits ).The plural fruits is used in talking about different types of fruit: oranges, mangoes and other fruits.

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