Übersetzung von “full” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivefull /fʊl/
≠empty; not having any extra space
plein/pleine , rempli/-ie

The glass was full.
Le verre était plein.

a stadium full of people
un stade rempli de gens

a full tank of gas
un plein (réservoir) d'essence
=maximum; at or to the greatest amount possible

to drive at full speed
conduire à pleine/toute vitesse

a full load of classes
des tas de classes
full blast/volume
as loud as possible
à plein volume

with the radio on full blast
avec la radio à plein volume
having a lot of
plein/pleine de , rempli/-ie de

The dogs were full of energy.
Les chiens débordaient / étaient pleins d'énergie.

a day full of surprises
une journée pleine de surprises

The woods were full of mosquitoes.
Les bois étaient remplis de moustiques.
(not before n) not able to eat any more
qui a trop mangé

No thanks, I'm full.
Non merci, j'ai trop mangé.
≠partial; complete

She asked for a full report.
Elle a demandé un rapport complet.

What is your full name?
Quel est votre nom complet ?
≠thin; (of sb's body or a body part) rounded and wide
plein/pleine , charnu/-ue , replet/-éte

full lips
des lèvres charnues

a woman with a full figure
une femme aux formes replètes
=busy; having a lot of activity
rempli/-ie , plein/pleine , chargé/-ée

a very full schedule/life
un programme très chargé / une vie bien remplie

My calendar is full.
Mon calendrier est plein.
(of the moon) completely round

a full moon
une pleine lune

The moon was full.
La lune était pleine.
(of a sound, taste, smell) having richness and depth

the full flavor of the wine
la saveur pleine du vin

Her voice is full and warm.
Sa voix était pleine et chaude.
full of yourself
showing that you think you are special or important
imbu/-ue de soi-même

I can't stand her - she's so full of herself.
Je ne la supporte pas ; elle est tellement imbue d'elle-même.
in full
formal including all of sth

The bill was paid in full.
La facture a été payée intégralement.
in full swing
very active
qui bat son plein

The party was in full swing by 10:00.
La soirée a battu son plein pour 22h.

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adjective /ful/

holding or containing as much as possible

My basket is full.


a full year
a full account of what happened.

(of clothes) containing a large amount of material

a full skirt.
fully adverb


He was fully aware of what was happening
fully-grown dogs.

quite; at least

au moins
It will take fully three days.
full-length adjective

complete; of the usual or standard length

pleine longueur
a full-length novel.

down to the feet

en pied
a full-length portrait.
full moon

(the time of) the moon when it appears at its most complete

pleine lune
There is a full moon tonight.
full-scale adjective

(of a drawing etc) of the same size as the subject

grandeur nature
a full-scale drawing of a flower.
full stop

a written or printed point (.) marking the end of a sentence; a period.

full-time adjective, adverb

occupying one’s working time completely

à plein temps
a full-time job
She works full-time now.
fully-fledged adjective

(as in bird) having grown its feathers and ready to fly.

qui a toutes ses plumes

fully trained, qualified etc

He’s now a fully-fledged teacher.
full of

filled with; containing or holding very much or very many

plein de
The bus was full of people.

completely concerned with

plein de
She rushed into the room, full of the news.
in full


en entier
Write your name in full
He paid his bill in full.
to the full

to the greatest possible extent

à fond
She always tries to enjoy life to the full.



exactly; directly

en plein
She hit him full in the face.

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