Übersetzung von “fund” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablefund /fʌnd/
an amount of money that will be used to pay for sth
fonds masculine , caisse feminine

The money will be put into your college fund.
L'argent sera reversé dans la caisse de l'université.

investment/pension funds
fons d'investissement / de pension
plural money available to be used
fonds masculine plural , capitaux masculine plural

We don't have the funds to make this work.
Nous n'avons pas les fonds pour faire ce travail.
raise funds
to ask people to give money
collecter des fonds

How long will it take to raise the funds?
Combien de temps faudra-t-il pour collecter les fonds ?
; see also fundraising


verb transitivefund /fʌnd/
formal to pay for

Who will fund the project?
Qui va financer le projet ?

government-funded programs
des programmes financés par le gouvernement

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noun /fand/

a sum of money for a special purpose

Have you given any money to the village hall repair fund?

a store or supply

He has a fund of funny stories.
funds noun plural

money ready to spend

Have you enough funds for your journey?

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