Übersetzung von “gain” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbgain /geɪn/
transitive-intransitive to obtain a benefit or achieve
gagner , acquérir

In the three years he had gained a lot of experience.
Au cours des trois années, il avait acquis beaucoup d'expérience.

Who will gain from the agreement?
Qui tirera profit de cet accord ?
transitive ≠lose; to increase in size, weight, height, etc.

I gained so much weight on vacation.
J'ai pris tellement de poids en vacances.

gain on

verb phrasalgain on [ ˈgeɪn ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to get closer to sb in a race or chase

The other runners are gradually gaining on the race leader.
Les autres coureurs rattrapent progressivement le coureur de tête.


noun countable-uncountablegain /geɪn/
an advantage
gain masculine , avantage masculine , profit masculine

significant gains in the fight against malaria
des profits significatifs dans la lutte contre la malaria

There was no gain in lying to his family and friends.
Il n'y avait aucun avantage à mentir à sa famille et à ses amis.
financial/personal gain
money from sth
profit masculine financier/personnel

He was accused of running the project for personal gain.
Il a été accusé de mener ce projet pour son profit personnel.
an increase in amount, rate, etc.
augmentation feminine , prise feminine

weight gain
prise de poids

house price gains
augmentation des prix de l'immobilier

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verb /ɡein/

to obtain

He quickly gained experience.

(often with by or from) to get (something good) by doing something

gagner (à)
What do I have to gain by staying here?

to have an increase in (something)

He gained strength after his illness.

(of a clock or watch) to go too fast

avancer (de)
This clock gains (four minutes a day).
gain ground

to make progress.

gagner du terrain
She was gaining ground on the other riders in the race.

to become more influential

His views were once considered unacceptable, but are now gaining ground rapidly.
gain on

to get or come closer to (a person, thing etc that one is chasing)

Drive faster – the police car is gaining on us.



profits, advantage, wealth etc

profit, gain
His loss was my gain
He’d do anything for gain.

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