Die Übersetzung von "gain" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /ɡein/

to obtain

He quickly gained experience.

(often with by or from) to get (something good) by doing something

gagner (à)
What do I have to gain by staying here?

to have an increase in (something)

He gained strength after his illness.

(of a clock or watch) to go too fast

avancer (de)
This clock gains (four minutes a day).
gain ground

to make progress.

gagner du terrain
She was gaining ground on the other riders in the race.

to become more influential

His views were once considered unacceptable, but are now gaining ground rapidly.
gain on

to get or come closer to (a person, thing etc that one is chasing)

Drive faster – the police car is gaining on us.

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