Übersetzung von “gang” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablegang /gæŋ/
a group of young and often badly behaved people
bande feminine

gangs roaming the streets at night
des bandes traînant dans les rues la nuit

rival gangs
bandes rivales
a group of criminals working together
gang masculine

a gang of known criminals
un gang de criminels notoires


verb phrasalgang: gang up on /gæŋ/
to join with a group of people to argue with or attack sb
se mettre à plusieurs

She felt the other girls were ganging up on her.
Elle avait l'impression que les autres filles se mettaient à plusieurs / se liguaient contre elle.

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noun /ɡӕŋ/

a number (of workmen etc) working together

a gang of men working on the railway.

a group (of people), usually formed for a bad purpose

bande, gang
a gang of jewel thieves.
gangster noun

a member of a gang of criminals.

gang up on

to join or act with a person etc against (some other person etc).

se liguer (avec… contre…)
The other kids are always ganging up on him.
gang up with

to join or act with.

s’allier avec

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