Übersetzung von “glance” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitiveglance /glæns, glɑns/
to look quickly
jeter un coup d'œil

She glanced over at her brother.
Elle a jeté un coup d'œil à son frère.


noun countableglance /glæns, glɑns/
a quick look
coup masculine d'œil , regard masculine

a quick glance at his watch
un rapide coup d'œil à sa montre
exchange glances
(of two people) to communicate by looking at each other
échanger des regards

The boys exchanged glances.
Les garçons ont échangé des regards.
at a glance
looking at sth very quickly
d'un coup d'œil

These are the statistics at a glance.
Voici les statistiques, d'un coup d'œil.
; see also first 3.

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verb /ɡlaːns/

to look very quickly

jeter un coup d’oeil (à/sur)
He glanced at the book
He glanced over the accounts.
glancing adjective

which hits and glances off

(en) oblique
a glancing blow.
at a glance

at once

d’un coup d’oeil
I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.
glance off

to hit and bounce off to one side

The ball glanced off the edge of his bat.

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