Übersetzung von “glow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitiveglow /gloʊ/
to produce light that is warm but not too bright

The fire glowed in the darkened room.
Le feu rougeoyait dans la pièce sombre.
(of sb or sb's skin) to have a healthy appearance
respirer la santé

a pregnant woman, glowing and healthy
une femme enceinte respirant la santé
to show a strong positive emotion

He glowed with pride/happiness.
Il rayonnait de fierté/bonheur.


nounglow /gloʊ/singular
a warm light that is not bright
rougeoiement masculine

the glow of the setting sun
le rougeoiement du soleil couchant
a healthy color in your skin
couleurs feminine plural

The exercise had given her a healthy glow.
L'exercice lui avait donné de saines couleurs.
a positive, satisfied feeling
élan masculine

a glow of pride/accomplishment
un élan de fierté / une sensation d'accomplissement

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verb /ɡləu/

to give out heat or light without any flame

The coal was glowing in the fire.

to have red cheeks because of heat, cold, emotion etc

The little boy glowed with pride.
glowing adjective

glowing colours.
glow-worm noun

a kind of beetle whose tail glows in the dark.

ver luisant

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