Übersetzung von “goal” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablegoal /goʊl/
=aim; sth you are trying to achieve
but masculine , objectif masculine

Our goal is to raise $200,000.
Notre objectif est de collecter 200 000 $.

It took six years to achieve this goal.
Il a fallu six ans pour atteindre ce but.
set a goal
to decide on a goal
(se) fixer un but/objectif

You have to set goals for yourself.
Tu dois te fixer des objectifs.
in hockey and soccer, the frame into which you kick or hit the ball or puck
but masculine

a slap shot directly into the goal
un tir direct en plein dans le but
the act of hitting or kicking into a goal to score a point
but masculine

a beautiful goal
un magnifique but

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noun /ɡəul/

in football, rugby, hockey etc the act of kicking, hitting etc a ball between the goalposts; the point gained by doing this

He scored six goals.

an aim or purpose

My goal in life is to write a book.
goalkeeper noun

(also keeper) a player, eg in hockey or football, whose job is to prevent members of the other team from scoring goals.

gardien/-ienne de but
goalpost noun

one of the two upright posts which form the goal in football, rugby, hockey etc.

poteau (de but)
His shot hit the goalpost.
to score a goal (not gaol).to put a criminal in gaol (not goal).

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