Übersetzung von “gold” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noungold /goʊld/
uncountable a yellow precious metal, used as money, for making jewelry, etc.
or masculine

earrings made of gold
des boucles d'oreille en or
solid/pure gold
or massif

objects made of pure gold
des objets en or massif
uncountable a warm yellow color
or masculine

the gold of her hair
l'or de ses cheveux
countable-uncountable a gold medal
médaille feminine d'or

Germany won two silvers and a gold.
L'Allemagne a gagné deux médailles d'argent et une médaille d'or.


adjectivegold /goʊld/
made of gold
en or

a gold necklace/vase
un collier/vase en or
warm yellow in color
couleur feminine or

a metallic gold dress
un robe couleur or en métal

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noun /ɡould/

an element, a precious yellow metal used for making jewellery etc

or; en or, d’or
This watch is made of gold
(also adjective) a gold watch.

coins, jewellery etc made of gold.


the colour of the metal

or; doré
the shades of brown and gold of autumn leaves
(also adjective) a gold carpet.
golden adjective

of gold or the colour of gold

d’or, doré
golden hair.

(of a wedding anniversary, jubilee etc) fiftieth

They will celebrate their golden wedding (anniversary) next month.
goldfish noun (plural goldfish)

a small golden-yellow fish often kept as a pet

poisson rouge
The child kept a goldfish in a bowl.
gold-leaf noun

gold beaten into a very thin sheet

feuille d’or
a brooch covered with gold-leaf.
gold medal

in competitions, the medal awarded as first prize.

médaille d’or
What are his chances of winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games?
goldmine noun

a place where gold is mined.

mine d’or

a source of wealth or profit

mine d’or
That clothes shop is an absolute gold-mine.
goldrush noun

a rush of people to a part of a country where gold has been discovered.

ruée vers l’or
goldsmith noun

a person who makes jewellery, ornaments etc of gold.

as good as gold

very well-behaved.

sage comme une image
The baby was as good as gold, and did not cry at all.
golden opportunity

a very good opportunity.

occasion unique
This was a golden opportunity for her to gain some useful work experience.

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