Übersetzung von “good” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivegood /gʊd/ ( better, best )
of a high quality or standard

a good book
un bon livre

good quality cloth
tissu de bonne qualité

His speech was good.
Son discours était intéressant.
having a pleasant taste

good food
bonne nourriture

This cake is so good.
Ce cake est tellement bon.
making you feel pleased or happy

We had a good time last night.
Nous avons passé un bon moment hier soir.

the best feeling in the world
le meilleur sentiment au monde

"She's home." "Good, I'll start making dinner."
"Elle est à la maison." "Bien, je vais commencer à faire le dîner."
skillful or talented
bon/bonne , doué/-ée

a good violinist
un violoniste doué

the best athlete at school
le meilleur athlète à l'école
suitable or appropriate
bon/bonne , qui convient

a good time to get some work done
un bon moment pour faire du travail

Is tomorrow good for you?
Est-ce que demain te convient ?
having positive effects
bon/bonne , profitable

Fruits and vegetables are good for you.
Les fruits et légumes sont bons pour toi.

It's good for him to see that life can be hard.
C'est bon pour lui de voir que la vie peut être difficile.
treating people in a kind and helpful way

The department has been good to its employees.
Le service a été bon pour ses employés.
(of children) behaving appropriately

Your kids are always so good.
Tes enfants sont toujours si sages.
=decent; fairly large

The house is a good size.
La maison est d'une bonne grandeur.

a good salary
un bon salaire
there's a good chance (that)
indicates that sth is likely
il y a de bonnes chances (que)

There's a good chance that he will play this week.
Il y a de bonnes chances qu'il joue cette semaine.
still usable and of a reasonable quality

Do you think the cheese is still good?
Penses-tu que ce fromage est encore bon ?
morally good or right

a good woman
une femme bonne

a good cause
une bonne cause
complete or full

I didn't get a good look at her.
Je ne l'ai pas bien vue.

It takes a good hour to get there by car.
Il faut une bonne heure pour y aller en voiture.
funny or entertaining

a good story/joke
une bonne histoire/blague
=valid; able to be used
bon/bonne , valable

Your passport is good for ten years.
Votre passeport est valable pendant dix ans.
good for sb
used to praise sb

"I swam ten laps." "Good for you!"
"Jai nagé dix longueurs." "Bravo !"
it's a good thing (that)
indicates you are glad sth happened
c'est une bonne chose (que)

It's a good thing that you didn't forget the umbrellas.
C'est une bone chose que tu n'aies pas oublié les parapluies.
too good to be true
indicates a very good situation cannot last or be real
trop beau pour être vrai

I knew all that money was too good to be true.
Je savais que tout cet argent, c'était trop beau pour être vrai.


noun uncountablegood /gʊd/
sth that is helpful or has a positive effect
bien masculine

The punishment was for his own good.
Cette punition, c'était pour son bien.
do sb good
be helpful to sb
faire du bien à qqn

It'll do her good to be outside for a while.
Cela lui fera du bien d'être dehors un moment.
≠evil; behavior that is morally right
bien masculine

the forces of good and evil
les forces du bien et du mal
for good
=forever; permanently
pour de bon

They kicked him off the team for good.
Ils l'ont exclu de l'équipe pour de bon.
no good/not any good/not much good
of a low quality or standard
pas terrible

The movie wasn't any good.
Le film n'était pas terrible.
not skilled or talented at
pas très bon/bonne en

I was no good at art in school.
Je n'étais pas très bon en dessin à l'école.
=ineffective; not useful
pas utile

I speak Spanish, but that won't be much good in Greece.
Je parle espagnol mais ça ne sera pas très utile en Grèce.
of a low quality or standard
pas terrible

The movie wasn't any good.
Le film n'était pas terrible.
not skilled or talented at
pas très bon/bonne en

I was no good at art in school.
Je n'étais pas très bon en dessin à l'école.
=ineffective; not useful
pas utile

I speak Spanish, but that won't be much good in Greece.
Je parle espagnol mais ça ne sera pas très utile en Grèce.
up to no good
involved in bad or illegal activities
qui mijote qqch

Those kids are up to no good.
Ces gosses mijotent quelque chose.


adverbgood [ gʊd ] informal
nonstandard use meaning "well"

"How are you?" "I'm good, thanks."
"Comment allez-vous ?" "Je vais bien, merci."

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adjective /ɡud/ (comparative better /ˈbetə/, superlative best /best/)

well-behaved; not causing trouble etc

Be good!
She’s a good baby.

correct, desirable etc

bon, dévoué
She was a good wife
He has good manners
Mario speaks good English.

of high quality

His singing is very good.

skilful; able to do something well

a good doctor
She’s good at tennis
He’s good with children.


You’ve been very good to him
He’s a good father.

helpful; beneficial

Exercise is good for you.
Cheese is good for you.

pleased, happy etc

I’m in a good mood today.

pleasant; enjoyable

to read a good book
Ice-cream is good to eat.

considerable; enough

bon, grand
a good salary
She talked a good deal of nonsense.


a good man for the job.

sound, fit

good health
good eyesight
a car in good condition.


Can you think of one good reason for doing that?

showing approval

We’ve had very good reports about you.


The living room needs a good clean.

healthy or in a positive mood

I don’t feel very good this morning.
goodness noun

the state of being good.

goods noun plural

objects etc for sale, products

leather goods.

articles sent by rail, not road, sea or air

(de) marchandises
This station is for passengers and goods
(also adjective) a goods train/station.
goody noun (plural goodies)

(usually in plural ) any food (eg cake, ice-cream) which is particularly enjoyable to eat

the goodies at a children’s party.
goodbye /-ˈbai/ interjection, noun

an expression used when leaving someone

au revoir, adieu
Goodbye – it was good of you to visit us
They said their goodbyes and left.
good-for-nothing adjective, noun

(a person who is) useless or lazy

bon à rien, bonne à rien
That boy’s a lazy good-for-nothing (rascal).
good humour (American good humor)

kindliness and cheerfulness.

bonne humeur
He was in good humour this morning.
good-humoured adjective (American good-humored)

de bonne humeur
a good-humoured smile.
good-humouredly adverb (American good-humoredly)

avec bonne humeur
good-looking adjective

handsome; attractive

a good-looking girl
He is very good-looking.
good morning interjection, nouns ( good afternoon, good-day, good evening, good night)

words used (depending on the time of day) when meeting or leaving someone

bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuit
Good morning, Mrs Brown
Good night, everyone – I’m going to bed.
good-natured adjective

pleasant; not easily made angry

facile à vivre
a good-natured fellow.
goodwill noun ( good will)

the good reputation and trade with customers that a business firm has

We are selling the goodwill along with the shop.


He has always shown a good deal of goodwill towards us.
good works noun plural

acts of charity

bonnes œuvres
He is known throughout the city for his good works.
as good as


The job’s as good as done.
be as good as one’s word

to keep one’s promises.

n’avoir qu’une parole
He was as good as his word, and turned up the next morning to help me.
be up to no good

to be doing something wrong

mijoter un mauvais coup
I’m sure he’s up to no good.
deliver the goods

to do what one has promised to do.

tenir parole
She’s certainly delivered the goods. Everything is ready as she said it would be.
for good (sometimes for good and all)


pour de bon
He’s not going to France for a holiday – he’s going for good.
for goodness’ sake

an expression of annoyance

par pitié
For goodnesssake, will you stop that noise!
good for

certain to last

capable de tenir
These houses are good for another hundred years at least.

certain to pay (a sum of money)

bon pour
He’s good for $50.

certain to cause

qui provoque
That story is always good for a laugh.
good for you/him etc

an expression of approval

You’ve passed your exam – good for you!
Good Friday /ˌɡud ˈfraidi/ noun

the Friday before Easter commemorating the crucifixion of Christ.

Vendredi saint
good gracious ( good heavens)

expressions of surprise.

bonté divine!
goodness gracious ( goodness me)

expressions of surprise.

juste ciel!
good old

an expression used to show approval etc

Good old Fred! I knew he would help us out.
make good

to be successful

prospérer, réussir
Through hard work and ability, he soon made good.

to repair or compensate for (loss, damages etc)

The damage you caused to my car must be made good.
no good

useless; pointless

bon à rien, fichu
It’s no good crying for help – no-one will hear you
This penknife is no good – the blades are blunt.
put in a good word for

to praise or recommend

glisser un mot en faveur de
Put in a good word for me when you see the boss.
take (something) in good part

not to be upset, offended or annoyed (eg by a joke, remark etc)

prendre en bonne part
John took the jokes about his accident with the pot of paint all in good part.
thank goodness

an expression used to show that a person is glad that something is all right

Dieu merci!
Thank goodness it isn’t raining.
to the good


de bénéfice
After buying and selling some of these paintings, we finished up $500 to the good.




I always try to see the good in people.

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