Übersetzung von “grade” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablegrade /greɪd/
a mark for a piece of work that shows how good it is
note feminine

I got the best grade in the class.
J'ai obtenu la meilleure note de la classe.

a student who gets good grades
un étudiant qui a de bonnes notes
one of the levels in a U.S. school that students are put in according to their age
classe feminine

She's in 5th grade.
En ce moment elle est en CM2. (=cours moyen deuxième année)
a ranking of quality or importance
qualité feminine

low grade lumber
un bois de construction de qualité inférieure

high grade maple syrup
du sirop d'érable de qualité supérieure


verb transitivegrade /greɪd/
to give a grade to a student's work

to grade papers
noter des copies
to separate into groups according to grade

The fruit is graded by size.
Les fruits sont classés par taille.

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noun /ɡreid/

one level in a scale of qualities, sizes etc

several grades of sandpaper
a high-grade ore.

(American) (the pupils in) a class or year at school

We’re in the fifth grade now.

a mark for, or level in, an examination etc

He always got good grades at school.

(especially American ) the slope of a railway etc; gradient.

gradation /ɡrəˈdeiʃən/ noun

(one stage or degree in) a series of gradual and successive stages

There are various gradations of colour between red and purple.

the act or process of grading.

grade school noun

(American) a primary school.

école primaire
make the grade

to do as well as necessary

être à la hauteur
That new apprentice will never make the grade as a trained mechanic.



to move through different stages

passer graduellement à
Red grades into purple as blue is added.

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