Übersetzung von “graduate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivegraduate /-ˌeɪt/
to finish studying and receive a degree or diploma from a high school, college, or university
sortir (diplômé/-ée) de

I'll be graduating from high school next year.
Je terminerai le lycée l'an prochain.
graduate in sth
Brit to finish a university degree in a particular subject
être diplômé/-ée en

He graduated in law.
Il est diplômé en droit.


noun countablegraduate /ˈgrædʒuɪt, -ˌeɪt/
sb who has finished their studies and received a degree or diploma
diplômé/-ée masculine-feminine

high school/college graduates
les bacheliers / les diplômés d'université

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verb /ˈɡradjueit/

to receive a degree, diploma etc

obtenir son diplôme
He graduated in German and French.

to mark out with regular divisions

A thermometer is graduated in degrees.
graduation noun

the act or ceremony of graduating from a college, university etc

remise des diplômes
The graduation will be held in the large hall
(also adjective) a graduation ceremony.

a marked division

the graduations on a thermometer.

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