Übersetzung von “grant” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablegrant /grænt, grɑnt/
money supplied by the government to support a particular activity
subvention feminine , bourse feminine (d'études)

federal grants that support women setting up small businesses
des subventions fédérales aidant les femmes qui montent de petites entreprises


verb transitivegrant /grænt, grɑnt/
≠deny; to allow or permit
accorder , accéder à

to grant sb the right to do sth
accorder à qqn le droit de faire qqch

to grant sb's request/wish
accéder à la requête / au souhait de qqn
take for granted
to fail to appreciate the worth of sb or sth
considérer comme allant de soi

She realized she had taken her husband for granted.
Elle s'est rendu compte qu'elle avait considéré la présence de son mari comme allant de soi.

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verb /ɡraːnt/

to agree to, to give

Would you grant me one favour

to agree or admit

I grant (you) that it was a stupid thing to do.
granted ( granting)

(even) if; assuming

en admettant que
Granted that you are right, we will have to move fast.
take for granted

to assume without checking

considérer comme admis
I took it for granted that you had heard the story.

to treat casually

considérer comme normal
People take electricity for granted until their supply is cut off.

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