Übersetzung von “grate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbgrate /greɪt/
transitive to shred into small thin pieces using a grater

Next grate the cheese and sprinkle it over the pasta.
Ensuite, râpez le fromage et saupoudrez-en les pâtes.
intransitive to make an unpleasant high noise by scraping on sth
grincer , crisser

fingernails grating on the blackboard
des ongles crissant sur le tableau noir
intransitive to annoy or irritate
grate on sb
informal taper sur les nerfs de qqn

His voice really grates on me.
Sa voix me tape vraiment sur les nerfs.

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noun /ɡreit/

a framework of iron bars for holding a fire in a fireplace.

grille (de foyer)


verb /ɡreit/

to rub (cheese, vegetables etc) into small pieces by means of a grater.


to irritate

taper sur les nerfs
His voice grates on me.
grater noun

an instrument with a rough surface on which cheese, vegetables etc can be grated.

a cheese grater
grating adjective

(of sounds) unpleasant.


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