Übersetzung von “grip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noungrip /grɪp/singular
when sb holds sth tightly
prise feminine

a firm grip
une prise ferme

She loosened her grip and the dog ran off.
Elle a relâché sa prise et le chien s'est enfui.
the control sb has over sb or sth
contrôle masculine

Keep a firm grip on your finances.
Le gouvernement a tenté de renforcer son contrôle sur l'utilisation d'Internet.


verb transitivegrip /grɪp/ ( gripping, gripped )
to hold tightly

The girl gripped her father around the neck.
La jeune fille agrippa son père par le cou.
to affect strongly
saisir , paralyser

The country was gripped by a flu epidemic.
Le pays était paralysé par une épidémie de grippe.
to keep sb's attention

a novel that gripped me from the beginning
un roman qui m'a captivé dès le début

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verb /ɡrip/ (past tense, past participle gripped)

to take a firm hold of

He gripped his stick
The speaker gripped (the attention of) his audience.
gripping adjective

which holds the attention

a gripping story.
come to grips with

to deal with (a problem, difficulty etc).

s’attaquer à
The government needs to come to grips with the problem of youth unemployment.
lose one’s grip

to lose understanding or control.

perdre la maîtrise de
He started to lose his grip on reality.



a bag used by travellers

He carried his sports equipment in a large grip.


He has a good grip of the subject.

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