Übersetzung von “ground” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounground /graʊnd/
uncountable the surface of Earth that you walk on
terre feminine , sol masculine

a room below ground
une pièce sous terre
the ground
la terre , le sol

I found the earring lying on the ground.
J'ai trouvé la boucle d'oreille qui traînait par terre.
the ground
singular the layer of soil and rock that covers the Earth
le sol

techniques for getting natural gas out of the ground
techniques pour extraire le gaz naturel du sol
countable an area of land with a particular use
terrain masculine , terres feminine plural

Native American burial grounds
les terrains funéraires des Indiens d'Amérique

feeding grounds for seals
l'aire de nourrisage des phoques

a dumping ground for nuclear waste
une décharge pour les déchets nucléaires
uncountable a subject that is being discussed
sujet masculine

We covered new ground in today's lecture.
Nous avons traité un nouveau sujet dans le cours d'aujourd'hui.
plural the land around a large house or building
parc masculine singular

the grounds of the castle
le parc du château
plural a reason or legal basis for doing sth
motifs masculine plural , raisons feminine plural

We made the decision on moral grounds.
Nous avons pris cette décision pour des raisons morales.
(coffee) grounds
plural the crushed coffee beans left after making coffee
marc masculine de café

Empty the grounds from the machine.
Vide le marc de la machine à café.
gain/lose ground
to increase/decrease your advantage or level of success
gagner/perdre du terrain

The company's stocks gained ground this week.
Les actions de la société ont gagné du terrain cette semaine.
get off the ground
(of a large project, system, etc.) to start

The new project took a while to get off the ground.
Le nouveau projet a mis un certain temps à décoller.
hold/stand your ground
to refuse to be frightened in a difficult or dangerous situation
tenir bon

She stood her ground and yelled back at them.
Elle a tenu bon et leur a crié dessus à son tour.
on the ground
in the place where sth is happening
sur le terrain

an aid worker on the ground in the war zone
un employé d'une organisation humanitaire, sur le terrain dans la zone de conflit.


adjectiveground /graʊnd/
(of food) crushed into small pieces

ground beef
bœuf haché

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noun /ɡraund/

the solid surface of the Earth

She was lying on the ground
high ground.

a piece of land used for some purpose

a football ground.
grounding noun

the teaching of the basic facts of a subject

enseignement des bases d’un sujet
This course will give students a good grounding in mathematics.
groundless adjective

without reason

sans fondement
Your fears are groundless.
grounds noun plural

the garden or land round a large house etc

the castle grounds.

good reasons

Have you any grounds for calling him a liar?

the powder which remains in a cup (eg of coffee) which one has drunk

marc (de café)
coffee grounds.
ground floor

the rooms of a building which are at street level

My office is on the ground floor
(also adjective) a ground-floor flat.
groundwork noun

work done in preparation for beginning a project etc.

travail préparatoire
We’ve completed most of the groundwork for our research project.
break new ground

to deal with a subject for the first time.

Scientists have broken new ground in the field of human genetics.
cover ground

to deal with a certain amount of work etc

faire du bon travail
We’ve covered a lot of ground at this morning’s meeting.
get (something) off the ground

to get (a project etc) started.

faire démarrer (qqch.)
We’re hoping to get the project off the ground over the next few days.
hold one’s ground

to refuse to move back or retreat when attacked

tenir bon
Although many were killed, the soldiers held their ground.
lose ground

to (be forced to) move back or retreat

perdre du terrain
The general sent in reinforcements when he saw that his troops were losing ground.



to prevent (an aeroplane, pilot) from flying

interdire de vol
All planes have been grounded because of the fog.

to (cause a ship to) hit the seabed or shore and remain stuck.

(faire) s’échouer

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