Übersetzung von “guard” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounguard /gɑrd/
countable a soldier, police officer, etc. who keeps a person or place safe
garde masculine

two guards at the gate
deux gardes à l'entrée

a border guard
un garde-frontière
; see also security guard
uncountable the act of protecting sb or sth or keeping sb from escaping
garde feminine , surveillance feminine
on guard
de garde

the hours during which he was on guard
les heures durant lesquelles il était de garde
under guard
being guarded
sous surveillance

the prisoner under guard
le prisonnier sous surveillance
on your guard (against)
paying attention because sth bad could happen
sur ses gardes (contre)

Be on your guard against Internet fraud.
Soyez sur vos gardes contre la fraude sur Internet.
off guard
not paying attention and vulnerable to sth bad happening
au dépourvu notPredefined

He caught me off guard with his criticism.
Il m'a pris au dépourvu avec sa critique.


verb transitiveguard /gɑrd/
=protect; to keep safe

Two police officers guarded the door.
Deux policiers gardaient la porte.

to guard a secret
garder un secret
to stop from escaping
surveiller , escorter

He left the jail, guarded by two soldiers.
Il a quitté la prison, escorté par deux soldats.

guard against

verb phrasalguard against [ ˈgɑrd əˌgɛnst ]
to be prepared because sth bad could happen
se protéger contre , se prémunir contre

shots to guard against the flu
des piqûres pour se protéger contre la grippe

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verb /ɡaːd/

to protect from danger or attack

The soldiers were guarding the king/palace.

to prevent (a person) escaping, (something) happening

The soldiers guarded their prisoners
Try to guard against making silly mistakes.
guarded adjective


He gave guarded replies to the journalit’s questions.
guardedly adverb

guard of honour

soldiers or other people who are lined up as an honour to someone important

garde d’honneur
A guard of honour greeted the President at the airport.
keep guard (on)

The soldiers kept guard (on the prisoner).
off guard


au dépourvu
He hit me while I was off guard
The goalkeeper was caught off guard by the long-distance shot .
on guard


sur ses gardes
Be on your guard against his tricks.
stand guard

to be on duty as a guard

monter la garde
He stood guard at the gates.



someone whose job is to prevent (a person) escaping

There was a guard with the prisoner every hour of the day.

(American conductor) a person in charge of a train.

chef de train

the act or duty of guarding.


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